10. Roseanne

Leaves are falling, all around
The sun drenched streets of a small New England town
And the birds are calling... Out her name
Roseanne, her name, falls, like little drops of rain

The sun is shining, in Northern Maine
And the cold seaboard wind, frosts my window pane
Winter's coming, it's almost here
And Roseanne is calling, but her words aren't very clear

I smell Springtime, 'round the bend
And I'm looking forward, to seeing Roseanne again
She hides in the Winter time of year
She sleeps like the flowers, 'till all the snow has cleared

Rosy is... a special thing
You can't really see her, but you can hear her sing
And you can't touch her, but late at night
She'll float through your mind, like some pale unearthly light

On the surface, this song had a very simple, almost stupid explanation. I was standing in front of a music nightclub called, "The Lion's Share" in Marin county in the early 70's. I chatted with a young woman named Roseanne for about five minutes, and then she left. I never saw or talked to her again. But her beauty and image lingered inside me, and I used her name to anchor those feelings of elusive love that swirled inside me. On a deeper level, I think this song is about Lori. 

Lori was the quintessential bad girl, and how good she was at it. I met her in my latter high school years, through Mick's East Cleveland bad boys/girls crowd. Lori was pretty enough to have been her high school prom queen, but she choose a different route, In those days, girls were divided into "good girls" (who wouldn't let a guy touch her bra strap) and fallen angels. Lori was outside that mindset. Lori was an early pioneer as a girl who sought and fulfilled her sexual desires. In that this spirit was held in body & face that was so beautiful she could stop traffic, she became the object of my fascination. Of course, she ended up being with dashing Mick, but when they broke up for a brief time, we actually spent a few days together. We drove out to a snowy park outside of Cleveland, and had our moment of magic. She went off to a college in New England, and I drove there to see her. I think that's where the imagery of Roseanne comes from. And the feeling in the song... comes from the elusive beauty that only some one like Lori can create inside men like me, and Mick, and any other man lucky/unlucky enough to feel her spell.