8. Minuet on O

Quite simply, this is the first piece of music I ever wrote. In 1962, at 14, I sat down at the piano and discovered this melody that worked so well with the arpeggiating chord lines on the left hand. Like many of my best songs, it seemed to write itself, as if it were waiting, patiently, to be discovered by my lucky fingers. And the Minuet was more... by writing it, I discovered I had the gift of composing music, and I continued to write music & songs for the next twenty years. I wrote one more instrumental (The Insanity Rag - yet to be recorded) that same year, and then a few years later, my first song, Tammy (which is on this CD). I think Minuet still stands up, after more than 30 years it is, perhaps, one of my best pieces. I hope you enjoy listening to it.